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Video production is the process of producing video content and it is equivalent of film making. But with images recorded digitally instead of on film stock.

There are three stages of video production: Pre-production, production and post-production.

  • Pre-production involves all of the planning aspects of the video production process before filming begins. This includes scriptwriting, scheduling, logistics, and other administrative duties.
  • Production is the phase of video production which captures the video content and involves filming the subject of the video.
  • Post-production is the action of selectively combining those video clips through video editing into a finished product that tells a story or communicates a message in either a live event setting (live production), or after an event has occurred (post-production).

The majority of video content is captured through electronic media like flash storage for professional grade cameras  and SD card for consumer grade cameras, or on solid state storage. Video content that is distributed digitally often appears in common formats such as the Moving Picture Experts Group format (.mpeg, .mpg, .mp4), QuickTime (.mov), Audio Video Interleave (.avi), Windows Media Video (.wmv) and DivX (.avi, .divx). There are many different types of video production. The most common are film and TV production, television commercials, web commercials, corporate videos, product videos, event videos, marketing videos, wedding videos ad customer testimonial videos. The term “Video Production” is reserved only for content creation that is created with a specific audience in mind and taken through all phases of production.

Corporate videos

Corporate video production is scripted and covers a wide range of purposes from corporate CommunicationTraining and Education, videotaping conferences and conventions, products and services, and sales. The most common type of corporate video is the “Corporate Overview Video,” which introduces the company’s executive team and puts a name and face to the people in-charge. The video is used as a way to communicate a company’s core beliefs and values as well as their overall mission statement. Video is often called the “foundation” of a company’s video content as it sets the tone and communication style for all of their other video content.

Product videos

Product videos are created with the main purpose of selling a product and offer an opportunity to communicate all of the features and highlights of a product which are typically written on the product page in text. The most effective product videos are typically between 2 to 3 minutes in duration, balancing the amount of information provided while keeping the audience engaged.

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